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We build your dream house into a Dream come true Reality

We build your dreams Sand & Stone have the construction process  completely transparent. Our clients are informed about material specifications and vendors beforehand. Every project have the specific construction timeline and the on-site labor is among the best in their respective areas of work. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring smooth on-site operations to gives smooth project delivery and design implementation projects

We Design to Strengthen your Identity


Consultancy and plans include existing site plans, ground floor plans, structural drawings, first floor plans, front elevations, electrical drawing, plumbing, HAVC, and sewage drawing, working drawings, exterior elevation 3D views and much more.

Grey Structure Construction

We construct your house grey structure with the proposed drawings approved by respective development authorities. It starts with building its strong foundation and complete structural and mep work for ground floor, basements, and additional floors.


The interior or finishing services include kitchen, bathroom, ceiling, doors, windows, paint, woodwork, front elevation, main gate, electric works, tiles, swimming pools, led lighting and installation, renovation and any other custom requirements.

We create Dream

  • One of the top-notch construction firms in Lahore, Sand and Stone offers excellent construction services to its clients. Operating in the both public and commercial sectors, our team develops the top infrastructures that are sustainable and suitable for modern landscapes.
  • From the initial planning to the designing phase, and from implementing strategies to construction, we ensure that the projects are completed under the supervision of our skilled experts.
  • Our model is comprised of a comprehensive range of construction, management, and engineering services that offer one-spot solutions to renowned companies and individual property owners.
  • Furthermore, our skilled and experienced engineers, designers, and builders develop innovative infrastructure that reinforces economic growth, strengthens community, and supports daily life.
  • We understand each project’s complete details and make sure our client’s requirements are met with desired quality. Moreover, our clients can also keep a track of their projects and provide us with a set of guidelines that we’d adhere to.

Why choose us


We have more than 30 years of industry experience and have completed 1000 -5000 million worth of projects per year.


We provide innovative design-build services by keep on improving existing processes and developing new ideas.


With our standard and contemporary products and services, you can also get customized solutions for any building requirements


We embed quality in our services and products and provide great customer and complaint handling services.


We are PEC Certified and Sales Tax registered construction company. Besides that, we comply with health, security, and environmental policies and certified with ISO Standards.


We have a team of expert and experienced engineers, architects, designers and project managers striving to provide quality and meet deadlines.

Sustainable Construction Solutions

  • The best construction company in LahoreSand and Stone is specialized in providing sustainable construction solutions to all our clients. We offer next-level services that fit the needs of our clients and we’ve been successful in winning over our clients’ hearts over the past years.
  • At Sand and Stone, our projects are developed with a focus on excellence to help our clients save time and money. Unlike the traditional construction and designing techniques, we utilize the latest tactics to ensure our projects are completed on time and meet the clients’ budget requirements by cutting down costs as much as possible.
  • Sand and Stone is listed among the best construction firms in Lahore over the fact that we utilize modular designing trends to develop sustainable projects with the guidelines of our clients.
  • Our services include engineering procurement and construction in Lahore which are not limited to organizations or companies only but are extended to individual property holders as well. Whether, a renowned company wants to build an office, or a plot owner is willing to construct a luxurious modern house, we’ve got tangible construction solutions for everyone!
  • For our clients who are in search of the best rates of construction services in Lahore, we offer affordable prices with a guarantee of 100% quality services in work. We believe in perfection and don’t compromise the quality of work at any cost!
  • Clients who are looking for services such as pre-construction services in Lahore, or grey structure construction in Lahore, can find reasonable plans right here at Sand and Stone.
  • We hire the best engineers, builders, and designers to develop thoughtful infrastructures that can be constructed over a small time period so that the projects are delivered on time while ensuring the client’s schedule is closely followed.
  • Our team takes its time to understand every minor detail of the project and conducts regular meetings with our clients for better insights into their requirements.
  • High-level security precautions and root-cause analysis are the factors that rank Sand and Stone among the best construction services in Lahore. We focus on creating infrastructures that are sustainable and follow the guidelines provided by our clients.

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